“The instrumental quintet Kaizen has the philosophy of constant improvement in their art’s work, combining whichever musical elements are appropriate to each musical canvas they choose to picture their music within – from classical music to jazz, on a wide array that also carries a particularly strong rock feel. This combination gives Kaizen quite a vivid personality in its compositions, which are used instruments typical of some of these different types of music: violin, piano, synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums, and percussion. The band was formed in July 92 by Kleber Vogel and Marco Lauria. The first CD release was in 1994, a work titled “Gargula”. The formation of this album was: Kleber Vogel – Violin/Mandolin, Ronaldo dos Guaranys – Keyboards, Cleto Castanon – Drums, Álvaro Seabra – Bass, and Carlos Albuquerque – Guitar. Today they are acting in the most different areas of the Brazilian musical scene. In 2019, the band returns with a new release, “Aquila”, a totally themed album, telling musically the story of a city in Abruzzo, the province called Áquila, located in central Italy. Each track tells a story about earthquakes that destroyed the city and was rebuilt again. Today the band is formed by Kleber Vogel – Violin and mandolin, Wagner Andre – Piano and Synthesizers, Anderson Machado – Guitar and Acoustic Guitar, Didier Fernan – Bass and Gabriel Ericsson – Drums, including as a guest musician Yasmin André – Flute. This was the big formation from the amazing Show, realized this August, Saturday, 31 2019, at Teatro Municipal de Niterói, Rio De Janeiro, Produced and realized by Vertice Cultural and BeProg. © Pictures by CARLOS VAZ.