Únitri is a brazilian prog rock band that has its birth in the 90’s in a prog rock scenario that occured in the underground of Rio de Janeiro and its neigbourhood. It started with a prog rock band called Lágrima (Tear), witch lived over 10 years and performed in many locations in the southeast of Brazil and stopped its work just when it was recording its debut album. The debut album by Únitri can be translated into a deep diving in the musical influence of its members. Musically, the art of amalgamating diverse kinds of musical styles with a strong presence of the elements from “mineira’s” music (prog music from Minas Gerais, (one of a big reference in music from Brasil) and european prog rock moreover; poetically, lyrics that circulate around metaphorical universe talk about vicissitudes of life, psychological atmosphere, politics, love, Cosmos etc. The album “Minas, Cantos e Quintais” was produced by Sérgio Hinds (“O Terço”), recorded by Genesis/Arlequim. It can be found in the best stores in Brazil even in Japan, Germany and United States of America. On this Staga performace the line-up was: Andre Zichtl – Guitars, Romulo Lima – Bass and Acoustic Guitar, Raphael Montechiari (Montechiari Project) – Keyboards, Michell Melo – Drums and Special guests: Marcus Moura – Flute, Danilo Ferreira – Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Marcus Larbos – Vocals and Eugênio Zichtl – Vocals. © Picture by CARLOS VAZ.