Som Nosso De Cada Dia is considered as one of the most representative bands from Brazilian Progressive Rock, founded in 1971 in São Paulo, Brazil. The band was, and still is, one of the main references of Brazilian Progressive Rock. The band recorded two albums on vinyl, the first with the name of Snegs, which is considered as one of the masterpieces of Brazilian prog rock. Formed by three talented musicians, Manito, Pedro Augusto Baldanza and Pedrinho Batera. Manito and Pedrinho Batera have passed away and today Pedro Baldanza, known as “Pedrão”, and a fantastic cast of new musicians where everyone keeps alive the flame of one of our icons of the Prog Rock Brasil, Som Nosso De Cada Dia. (05/05/2018), Produced by Vertice Cultural, MoshiMoschi and BeProg. All Pictures By CARLOS VAZ